Building on a rich legacy of 60 years of excellence and integrity, Lee Construction Inc. is the premier family-owned construction company in Western Kansas. Lee Construction Inc provides construction services to a 100-mile radius in Western Kansas.

The family-owned firm delivers outstanding customer satisfaction through each business activity, such that Lee Construction Inc. will realize superior results delivered by the best people.

Lee Construction Inc. sets new industry standards for innovation, customer advocacy, quality, safety and community service.

News and Opportunities

  • Lee Construction Inc is now offering the Telebelt for lease.

  • Lee Construction Inc has seagoing shipping containers that have been modified to be moved with our rolloff trucks. These units are now available to lease for site storage and site Telebelt etc.

  • Offering Crushing Service

  • Two Landfill locations: Iron Tree at Holcomb and C&D Landfills

Safety is Mandatory for Us

Safety is very important to us at Lee Construction Inc. We want to continue to send our people safely home every night.

Safety is not just a slogan with us. We invest in safety every day.

Lee Construction Inc. is an ISNetworld contractor.

Construction Services

Lee Construction Inc owns an eighty feet-long Telebelt to place concrete and soil material.

Telebelt telescopic belt conveyors are ideal for placing a variety of materials at high volume. From concrete to gravel, rock, backfill and more. Telebelts save time, labor and can work in tight spaces.

View photos of the Telebelt in action